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Are there simple ways to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) without resorting to any drugs or expensive testosterone treatments? Max Miller’s new ED Reverser ebook claims to show you a very simple, all natural and  100% safe technique that will help you overcome the different forms of ED. It contains a step-by-step guide to help you attain seriously rock solid erections any time you want them. Get ED Reverser at Lowest Price

Max claims that his solution has produces excellent results for hundreds of men, it only requires you to buy a few supplements containing enzymes, proteins and amino acids all part of a natural diet. You can get most the required vitamins at your local drugstore for about fifteen dollars. After that, it’s just as simple as taking the right combination of highlighted common foods and specific supplements he outlines in the ebook.

In this new e-book, Max also gives detailed information about dosage and when you to take each supplement. It’s only a 14-day program and if you can stick to the simple program, he claims that you be permanently cured of your ED. He also claims, You will also be able to perform much better during sexual activity and your sexual ability will remain strong throughout the rest of your life. Sounds great.

It’s quite possible that you and many others are a bit skeptical about the whole process. You have probably seen products like this before that make big claims, but are nothing but money sucking hoaxes. However, considering that ED is a serious issue that affects many men, it’s definitely worth checking out this book. Before we get the book, let’s try to understand the biology behind getting erections and the various types of ED.

Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common condition that is described as the inability to sustain an erection or have sexual intercourse. Most men experience erectile dysfunction at various stages in their lives but it is more common in older men. It is however important to seek treatment if the frequency at which it occurs increases. This condition can be caused by either psychological or physical factors. Commonly referred to as impotence, it is often not a life threatening condition but it is important to call your family doctor or see a general practitioner if you notice that it is gradually getting worse. This is in order to rule out any underlying conditions.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is now highly treatable as the treatments for this condition have considerably improved over the years. It is primarily treated by dealing with the psychological or physical factors that seem to be the cause of the problem. A doctor will first determine whether the condition is caused by factors such as stress or physical factors. Below are some signs that could indicate that you may need to see your doctor.

Inability to develop an erection

While this could be caused by stress, anxiety or other psychological factors, if a man is unable to develop an erection continuously for a continued period of time or if this tends to occur with increased frequency, it would be prudent to check with your doctor in order to eliminate other underlying problems.

Inability to sustain an erection

A man can find that he has no problem getting an erection but fails to sustain it long enough to perform sexual intercourse. Other times, you may find that you are not able to have an erection when you masturbate but when you wake up in the morning, your penis is hard. If this continues to happen consistently for more than two weeks, it could be time to schedule a visit to your doctor.

Lack of Sexual Appetite

While almost every healthy and normal man enjoys sex and most seem to have unlimited libido, It is not abnormal to experience periods when you do not have a desire to engage in sexual intercourse. You may be stressed out or it could occur because of work or school related anxiety among other things. If this case is prolonged however, it would be wise to see your doctor to assure you that it is not an indication of a deeper core problem.

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Premature Ejaculation a form of ED

Like the above symptoms, premature ejaculation can be caused by many factors either psychological or physical. This happens when one ejaculates in less than two minutes or even before penetration occurs. It is very important to visit a doctor if it happens gradually and becomes consistent over time.

It is generally good to seek professional help if you develop alarms about your sexual life, erections, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and other sexual problems. You may also have other indicators apart from erectile dysfunction. However, it would be prudent to visit your doctor frequently if you have diseases like diabetes, heart disease or other common illnesses that are associated with erectile dysfunction.

Lets look at ED or Erectile Dysfunction a Little Further

Erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors. It is therefore possible to classify erectile dysfunction into different types based on their underlying cause. It is important to know that a single person can suffer from two or more types of erectile dysfunction at the same time. Let us take a look at the types of erectile dysfunction one can be diagnosed with.

Endocrinogenic/Hormonal Erectile Dysfunction

Hormonal erectile dysfunction results from low testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays an important role during erection. When there is little or no testosterone in the blood stream, the quality of an erection is poor. Low levels of this sex hormone are normally brought about by certain diseases such as diabetes.

Arteriogenic/Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction

For an erection to occur, the cardiovascular system should be able to effectively supply blood to the penis. When the blood supply is less, it results to an arteriogenic erectile dysfunction. This is a common occurrence in individuals whose arteries have narrowed down as a result of disease or old age. The blood supply can also reduce when the arteries are blocked. A blockage of these arteries could result from high blood pressure or an injury around the genital region. It is common for patients who have suffered from urologic or orthopedic injuries to suffer from erectile dysfunction after recovery.

Venogenic or Penile Erectile Dysfunction

Venogenic impotence also known as penile impotence takes place when the veins of the penis leak blood thus preventing an erection. During a normal erection, the veins in the penis completely close so that no blood can flow out thus increasing the pressure needed for an erection. This type of erectile dysfunction can be divided into two; primary and secondary. Men with primary venogenic erectile dysfunction have had the condition since they were born. Secondary penile impotence develops suddenly in a man after years of having normal sexuality. Diseases such as priapism and Peyronie’s disease can affect the structure of the penis including the veins thus leading to penile erectile dysfunction.

Neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction

All processes in the body are coordinated by the brain. For an erection to take place, the brain generates a neural message to prompt the erection and transmits the message to the penis. When there is a breakdown in the nervous system, the initiation of an erection and its maintenance becomes hard. Diseases such Parkinson’s disease which affect the brain can cause neurogenic impotence. Injuries around the pelvic region or spinal cord disease disrupt the neural signals from the brain to the penis thus causing erectile dysfunction. Medical disorders such as myelitis, tumors or multiple sclerosis which affect the nerve supply can also lead to neurogenic impotence.

Drug-induced Erectile Dysfunction

There are various types of legal and illegal drugs that lead to erectile dysfunction. These drugs usually affect the nerves, blood vessels that control an erection or the brain. Other drugs also affect the levels of testosterone thus leading to erectile dysfunction.

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

In this kind of erectile dysfunction, the cause is mental not physical. These causes include anxiety, stress, depression and other psychological conditions. The doctor carries out an intensive check for any physical causes of impotence before declaring that the cause is psychogenic.

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The contents of the ED Reverser e-book:

At the beginning of the video, Max says that it takes just five minutes, but the video is actually much longer. It does not tell much about ED itself. Apart from the information that the e-book gives you a list of easily available supplements, their dosage and when to take them, it does not tell much about the contents of the e-book. However, the question remains whether amino acids, enzyme and protein supplements have any impact on ED.

The thickening of arterial walls (atherosclerosis), vascular diseases, kidney problems, diabetes and neurological issues are the causes of ED in about 70% of patients. It can also occur due to the side effects of some drugs. In this case, it can be a serious problem that needs medical attention. Hence, it is not advisable to start any ED treatment without first consulting a physician.

There is some evidence that the amino acid arginine increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body and it may be effective in treating ED for some people. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba may also have some beneficial effects.

Considering that nothing much is known about the contents of the e-book, it’s quite probable that we have just given you more information about ED and its causes in this article than what is provided in the ED Reverser e-book itself. The e-book costs just $37 and it can be downloaded as soon as you make payment.

Contents includes:

  • The causes of ED and how to improve it.
  • A wide list of healthy food which you can include in your everyday routine for the purpose of improving your condition.
  • Various exercises and methods that can help you to restore the blood flow back to your private parts, which is exactly help you improve your conditions.
  • A full list of the different amino acids, enzymes and proteins to be added to your diet which increase your blood flow and relax the vessel in your “member”.
  • List of foods and supplements contain these biological elements.
  • How and when to combine them each day for the fastest results possible. You can pick and choose combinations as you wish.
  • The full detail for how to modify the program to meet your specific needs and adjust the program to a level that’s right for you.

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